Husbands and Wives

Does the Bible really teach that a Jesus-believer husband is ruler over his wife? The head of the household? The Lord of the manor? Must a Jesus-believer wife really be wholly, docilely, meekly subservient to her husband? This teaching will very briefly summarize some interesting biblical scholarship about the subject of the roles of Jesus-believerContinue reading “Husbands and Wives”

Divorce and Remarriage

        Down through the corridors of almost 24 centuries of time echoes this exclamation by God: I hate divorce!”         That statement (found in Malachi 2: 16) troubled me for many years. Why would God make such a statement? Did He arbitrarily and capriciously wake up one morning and decideContinue reading “Divorce and Remarriage”

Daddy’s Favorite Child

Have you ever thought “I believe God loves me, but I’m not so certain He likes me”? If you’ve ever said or thought something like that, read on… Daddy God (literally Papa God) is infinite; that means He has no bounds and no limits. He is also infinitely loving, meaning his core character—the very essence ofContinue reading “Daddy’s Favorite Child”

Speak the Word

An old song contains these insightful words which still ring very true more than 200 years since they were written: “Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of life!Let me more of their beauty see, wonderful words of life!”            A reference in the biblical Book of Proverbs proclaims: “DeathContinue reading “Speak the Word”