Hope In Prophecy

At the very beginning of this teaching, I’m going to make a bold, outrageous statement you may or may not agree with. Here’s that statement: 2,000 years ago when God was here as a human named Jesus of Nazareth, He brought to a complete end and fulfilled all prophecy in the Old Testament. Yes, Jesus of NazarethContinue reading “Hope In Prophecy”

Hope In Justice

Hope In Justice I was excited to be able to teach about Anchors One and Two from Gerry Beauchemin’s book, Hope For All, and now I am excited to teach about Anchor Six, “Hope In Justice.”  Here is a preliminary statement I want to make at the very beginning:  Both Justice and Judgment in the Bible areContinue reading “Hope In Justice”

Hope in Fire

The book Hope For All by my friend Gerry Beauchemin lists 10 Anchors or 10 reasons why God’s love ultimately prevails over everything and everyone.  To me, this book—along with its companion book Hope Beyond Hell—taken together are both the clearest introduction available on the market today about the subject of God’s relentless, prevailing love—about how God isContinue reading “Hope in Fire”

Hope In History

A dear friend of mine, Gerry Beauchemin, has written two books:   Hope Beyond Hell and Hope For All.  In Hope For All, Gerry lists ten “anchors” or ten reasons why God gives us hope both in this life and the next.  This teaching is my supplement to Anchor One. Let us begin. There’s an ancient teaching that essentiallyContinue reading “Hope In History”