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Where did we get the name for our ministry, Life Enrichment Services, Inc.? What does the name mean? What is its significance? What are we trying to do?  I’ll attempt to make a long story quite short. When we first started out and God began to “speak” to us about a name for our ministry, we thought of many names ranging from cutesy and quirky, to theological, to meaningful…and everything in between.  Then one day, God seemed to bring to our attention a biblical passage in the first chapter of Paul’s first letter to the followers of Jesus in the city of Corinth. There’s a meaningful paragraph there beginning with verse 4, ending with verse 9.  Here’s an amplified rendering of that paragraph:

                    “I, Paul, can never stop thanking God for all the generous Spirit-gifts He has bestowed on you now that you belong to Jesus. He has given you s-o-o much grace. You have been bounteously ENRICHED by Jesus in so many ways. There’s no end to what God has done in you. He has given you power, readiness of speech, and great knowledge and illumination. Indeed, our testimony about Jesus has become firmly established and verified in you. It seems that you have been freely given every Spirit-given gift you need as you eagerly await Jesus to arrive on the scene for the Finale. He will keep you strong right up to the end, giving you all the strength you need so you will be blameless when all things are wrapped up by Jesus. God can always be fully trusted. It is He who has summoned you to be his friends and partners in close fellowship with Him, and you will be guiltless and irreproachable on that Great Day when Jesus returns.”

Let’s take a moment and examine all the facets of definition of the word, enrich. First, the word occurs only twice in the New Testament. Here in 1 Corinthians 1 and again in 2 Corinthians 9: 7. In the Greek language in which the New Testament was written, the word enrich is ploutizo, meaning to make rich. That is the basic meaning of the Greek word. But it can be amplified and carries many subtle shades of meaning in both Greek and English.

 First, it means to add to. Think of all that God has added to your life since you became a follower of Jesus. And…all that He continues to add to you life as He continually metamorphosizes you back into his image which was marred and disfigured when our first parents sinned. God has begun a good work in you that He will continue to work in you until you die or until Jesus returns—and then on into the eternal state. See Philippians 1: 6. Also, see Ephesians 2: 10 which declares we are God’s workmanship (His “work of art”) that He will continually work on until you are fully restored to his image. “Image” means that we are visible representation of the invisible God. We feel that part of our teaching ministry is to enhance your spiritual growth and development in any way we can.

We do that by sharing with you the “unsearchable riches of Jesus” found in the Bible. Daily application of the Bible alone is what enriches our lives—not psychology, not counseling, not lofty, meaningless human words. Oh, human words can help a little, but not in the eternal, life-changing way that God’s Word, the Bible can do. In our teaching, we try to be as faithful to the Bible as we know how to be. Only by teaching the Bible as we presently understand it can we help to enrich your life in time and eternity.

Second, enrich means to add value to, or give greater value to. God highly values us as his well-beloved children. And He will continue to add value to our lives right up until Jesus arrives on the scene for the Grand Finale. We seek to add value to your life, again, by sharing with you the true Words of Life, the Bible. So many humans are raised without feeling that their lives have any intrinsic value. We value you. God values you. A brief prayer we pray almost daily for all our readers and students goes like this:

                    “God, intensify our readers’ and students’ hunger for you. May the deepest passion of their beings be a ravenous hunger for You and your Word. There is no safety anywhere else. There is nothing of value anywhere else.”

Enrich also means to change for the better. Essentially, we see that as meaning God wants us to be holy (whole) and complete. He wants us to be set apart from this world and its ways, fully committed to Jesus, totally obedient to Him, totally dependent upon Him. God is intensely engaged in a lifelong process of changing us—here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept. The changes He is working is us by the power of indwelling Holy Spirit are inexorable and will continue right up to the end of the eons of time and beyond into eternity. We desperately want to help you change for the better. C’mon: at some deep, deep level of your being don’t you genuinely want to be a better person?

Fourth, enrich means to make more effective. One of our heartfelt prayers here at Life Enrichment Services is that we will continually be more and more effective in communicating Jesus to you and in seeing Him more fully developed in your life. Whether you are a plumber, homemaker, Pastor, missionary—whatever—we want to help you become more effective at whatever God has called you to do. God has called us to be teachers. In fact, these are the exact words I “heard” when God called me to be a teacher: “I am calling and will equip you to be a teacher of the Bible and related subjects in and to the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ without any exclusiveness.” The word teacher in the New Testament means mind-engraver. We are attempting to engrave the “wonderful words of LIFE” on your hearts and minds.

Enrich also means to increase wealth. We are on a lifelong journey as pilgrims, strangers, and sojourners here. God has promised He will provide enough for our individual journeys. That is genuine prosperity and wealth. We hope you realize by now that true wealth has nothing necessarily to do with the accumulation of money. True wealth is found in a day-by-day abiding relationship with God, both in time and in eternity. You didn’t arrive here with any money, and it is more than certain you will leave here without any. We want to help you accumulate true wealth and riches.

Sixth, enrich means to decorate. Holy Spirit is continually in the process of “decorating” our lives with the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, serenity, patience, gentleness, goodness, humility, and moderation. Billions of people on this planet desperately wish they could have those character attributes. We have them by means of Holy Spirit and we are to help “grow” such fruit in the lives of others. By means of our worldwide teaching on this web site and in person, we want to help decorate your lives with the rich fruit of Holy Spirit.

Also, enrich means to adorn. It means to add beauty, splendor, and grace to something. It means to enhance the appearance of someone or something. It means to embellish and beautify. Our deepest desire is to add beauty, splendor, and grace to your lives. We want to help restore your image back into God’s image. We want to beautify your lives with the deep riches of the Word of God.

Next, enrich means to fertilize. God wants us here at Life Enrichment Services to plant “good seed” into the “good soil” of your lives so that you may enjoy a 30-fold, 60-fold, or 100-fold “harvest” in your life. The good seed, of course, is the Word of God, the Bible which we “fertilize” with prayer.

To concentrate power is another interesting shade of meaning of the word enrich. Of course, the Word of God, the Bible is LIFE-giving and full of power as we are reminded in Hebrews 4: 12. Given that power-full item—along with the power of God’s Spirit—we have all the power we need to live, growing, thriving, godly lives in Christ.

 Finally, enrich means to add nutrients as in a food recipe. We here at Life Enrichment Services thank God daily that we can add nutrients to your lives so that you become God’s “Bread of Life” broken in ministry and services to others.

           There you have it. We here at Life Enrichment Services want to enrich your life in all possible ways. We want you to leave this earth very much enriched from when you began.

          Contact us. Let us know what more we can do to enrich your life with the bounteous grace of God given you through the Lord Jesus by means of the power of indwelling Holy Spirit!

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Bill Boylan
Revised and Updated February 2023