God and Religion

To introduce my subject, I begin by saying I don’t pretend to have all the answers to some of the challenges faced by Jesus’ Church on the earth in our times. In fact, I have far more questions than answers. All I know is that I see many problems with Jesus’ worldwide Church—and they seemContinue reading “God and Religion”

Relegious Dogma

             To begin this teaching, I’ll define “dogma” as defined by most dictionaries: “Dogma is when an individual or group teaches you something in an attempt to convince you their view is authoritative or the only truth about a subject—that their belief or view is the only correct one.”    Continue reading “Relegious Dogma”

21st Century Church

I am writing this teaching in the first year of the 21st century—2001. I wonder what people will think who might read it in the early 22nd century. Will they feel the article was timely, appropriate, and correct? Or, might they feel I was a “false prophet” when I wrote it and none of theContinue reading “21st Century Church”