Bill Boylan’s Books

As of now, Bill has written and had published 5 books; they are:

Network Marketing For Christians (An explanation of why Christians should be involved in various businesses for the right reasons)

LIFEgiving (About giving money to God for the right reasons)

Friends Forever (About Holy Spirit, Bill’s best Friend for all time and eternity)

HIM ‘n me (Bill’s autobiography)

Heaven: Our Home Sweet Homeland (A true account of Bill’s visit to Heaven on March 6, 2018; Heaven is different than anything most of us have ever imagined–it’s most certainly not a boring, eternal church service!)

More information about Bill’s books can be found at, and all of them can be purchased at (some in e-book format, some hardbound, all in paperback–most new or used.

Bill Boylan
Life Enrichment Services, Inc.
Revised and Updated April 2021

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