I became a believer in Jesus many years ago. Details of that awesome experience are written in my autobiography,  Him ‘n me. Immediately after I became a believer in Jesus, I began voraciously reading the Bible—and haven’t stopped since, reading it completely through a minimum of once a year—sometimes more. In addition to reading theContinue reading “Rewards”


          In Romans 8: 18 in the New Testament portion of the Bible, the writer of the letter to the Romans, Paul, made an outrageous statement: He says that all human sufferings are “not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” (Romans 8: 18) The human raceContinue reading “Restoration”

The Kingdom of God

NOTE:  The Kingdom of God and miracles, signs, and wonders have a “divine connection.”  We can’t understand either of those subjects  without understanding that connection.  Along with studying this teaching, please study our other teaching on this website entitled “Miracles, Signs, and Wonders.” Matthew 6: 33: “Seek God’s Kingdom first—aim right at it and focusContinue reading “The Kingdom of God”


          I find a very serious and disturbing incongruity among most Jesus-believers when it comes to the subject of fire as taught in the Bible. Here’s why…           If people are Bible-believing Jesus believers, the concept of fire in the life of the believer goes something likeContinue reading “Fire!”

4 Views: Who Has the Final Word

          You may not want to hear it. You may not believe me. But I want to tell you an astonishing truth right up front: not all Jesus believers on this planet believe exactly the same as you do, but they’re still believers in Jesus! I know, I know . .Continue reading “4 Views: Who Has the Final Word”

The Rapture of the Church

[NOTE: This teaching originally appeared first as some recorded spoken messages in the 1950’s, as some written articles in the 1960’s, then put together as a pamphlet written in the 1970’s, by Bill Britton of Springfield, Missouri. Bill was one of the first evangelical, bibliocentric Jesus-believers in our era to question the pre-tribulation rapture theory.Continue reading “The Rapture of the Church”

21st Century Church

I am writing this teaching in the first year of the 21st century—2001. I wonder what people will think who might read it in the early 22nd century. Will they feel the article was timely, appropriate, and correct? Or, might they feel I was a “false prophet” when I wrote it and none of theContinue reading “21st Century Church”