The Wrath of God: Is God Really Mad At Me?

The Bible is replete with references to the word “wrath” (and its derivatives) including, of course, the wrath of God. In fact, the Bible contains over 200 references to wrath, making it a major theme throughout the Bible—in both the Old and New Testaments. By definition in American English, “wrath” is “intense anger; rage; fury.”Continue reading “The Wrath of God: Is God Really Mad At Me?”

The Wilderness

Wilderness: n. A dry, hot place; a wild, isolated, barren, place; an obscure or unknown place; a deserted, desolate place. The word, “wilderness,” appears over 300 times in the Scriptures, making it an important subject therein simply by sheer volume of references. Bible scholars and students have often focused on the “Wilderness experience” of JesusContinue reading “The Wilderness”


Whew, even the sound of that particular word evokes all sorts of negative images in the minds of many people, doesn’t it? Those negative images are wrong. Honestly! They really are. The concept of repentance has been given some pretty bad and untrue publicity by Hollywood movies, by some fictional novels, by hellfire and brimstoneContinue reading “Repent”

Judgment and Justice

Ask most people what they think about God’s judgments(s), and the response will be something like this: “There is coming a time when God will judge every human, and, as a result, some will go to heaven to live forever with God and some will be cast into hell to burn there forever with Satan.” That’s generallyContinue reading “Judgment and Justice”


Anything in your life you need forgiveness for? Anyone you need to forgive? Anything in your own life you need to forgive yourself for? Some people don’t even believe in forgiveness, feeling it’s a sign of moral and emotional weakness. Some people feel if someone else has done something to harm them, they need toContinue reading “Forgive!”

Death Died Today

        One day a few years ago, a fellow Jesus-believer (I’ll just use his first name, Don) whom I loved and respected handed me a typed, mimeographed manuscript he had recently written; he wanted me to read it and let him know what I thought of it. Upon reading Don’s manuscript theContinue reading “Death Died Today”

The Christmas Story

          The following is a current English version of the Bible’s Christmas story, designed to be read aloud (serially or at one sitting) to children of all ages during the Christmas season.           Long, long ago—at the dawn of human history as we know it—many centuries beforeContinue reading “The Christmas Story”

Change Your Mind

CHANGE: to cause to become different; alter; transform; a radical transmutation of one’s character or core nature. “You better change your mind, young man, or you’re going to be in serious trouble!”  The “serious trouble” my mother was referring to was a spanking I would receive when Dad came home from work. That’s an expression IContinue reading “Change Your Mind”