Life is a journey…

God gives direction

Prayer doesn’t work!  It’s a mistake to feel I must pray harder to get results.  Actually, I need to pray easy, because God does the work, not my prayers.


If you read and study ALL 100 teachings on this website—and all the archived issues of The Traveler, you would receive the equivalent of a 4-year Bible College education without all the classwork, papers to write, tests, administrative and tuition fees, extraneous subjects, and religiousity that you would receive if you actually attended most such colleges in person.

March 2021: I have recently added new teachings to this website that I hope will be a source of hope and encouragement for you. I have also recently revised and updated almost everything else on the website. Now, everything is fresh, new, and current…for a total of 100 teachings plus all archived issues of “The Traveler.” Visit this website often to see what’s current; we’re constantly adding new teachings, and revising and updating some that are already on the website.

All teachings are placed appropriately under the following 17 categories and alphabetized

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Apokatastasis:  God’s Restoration of Everything—Including all Humanity

Bill Boylan’s Life Story

Read Bill’s life story in the book, “Him ‘n Me”

General Information About the Bible

Bible Study Principles


Eschatology: A Fancy Word for What Might — or Might Not — Happen in the Future

God and Money

Read Bill’s Book “LIFEgiving”

Holy Spirit

Who He is and what does He do?


Optimism about my future

Miscellaneous Teachings

Miscellaneous Teachings About the Bible and Related Subjects

My Visit To Heaven

Read Bill’s Book, “Heaven: Our Sweet Homeland”

The Traveler Magazine

The Traveler is an electronic magazine published month-to-month
from 2009 to 2017 covering a wide range of teachings about the Bible and related topics.

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