O Christmas Tree

I suggest you first sing the song, “Oh, Christmas Tree,” and then read this teaching aloud during your Christmas season. You might even want to consider reading a portion of it serially each day for a few days every year as part of your annual Christmas celebrations at home or church. Make it a tradition—muchContinue reading “O Christmas Tree”

Mah Jesus Din’t Drink No Wine!

Those were the exact words a man was screaming at me as I thought he was about to “punch me out” because I was teaching a small audience of students some of the thoughts I’ll share with you in this brief teaching. I’ve heard lots of similar words during the years I’ve been serving andContinue reading “Mah Jesus Din’t Drink No Wine!”

“Good” Good News vs “Bad” Good News

We’ve all seen little religious leaflets someone leaves at our front doors or in restaurant bathrooms; or, from time to time we see them being blown about on downtown sidewalks on a windy day. Sure you’ve seen them: the kind a zealous religious person hands to you as you round a street corner or youContinue reading ““Good” Good News vs “Bad” Good News”

God and Religion

To introduce my subject, I begin by saying I don’t pretend to have all the answers to some of the challenges faced by Jesus’ Church on the earth in our times. In fact, I have far more questions than answers. All I know is that I see many problems with Jesus’ worldwide Church, but JesusContinue reading “God and Religion”

Daddy’s Favorite Child

Have you ever thought, “I believe God loves me, but I’m not so certain He likes me”? If you’ve ever said or thought something like that, read on… Daddy God (literally “Papa” God) is infinite; that means He has no bounds and no limits. He is also infinitely loving, meaning his core character—the very essence ofContinue reading “Daddy’s Favorite Child”

The Christian Teacher

This teaching is a highly personalized account—a small part of my complete life story—sharing with you about how Jesus and Holy Spirit converted me and first “called” and “commissioned” me to be a teacher of the Bible and related subjects, and how throughout my lifetime He has equipped me to teach. And, I will shareContinue reading “The Christian Teacher”

Shang Ti and Sinim

During my childhood years, my family lived in one of the three “Atomic Bomb Cities” in the United States during World War II. It was a lazy summer afternoon in one of those cities, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I was 5 or 6 years old, digging a hole in our back yard with a little shovel,Continue reading “Shang Ti and Sinim”

Druids, Celts, and Jesus

Here’s a story about God and the Celts that’s been passed down by word-of-mouth for centuries.                  “Clouds boiled up to cover the sky and the sound of a mighty wind filled all the world.  And though it was bright midday, the heavens grew dark as twilight after the sun has set.  Not the slightest breathContinue reading “Druids, Celts, and Jesus”

City of Mystery

Allegory:  noun.  “a story used for teaching, in which people, things, and happenings have a hidden or symbolic meaning.” In a faraway land laden with abundant peace and joy, and cloaked in wondrous mystery, a fair and lovely city nestles serenely and securely among the foothills of a nearby high and lofty mountain.  This cityContinue reading “City of Mystery”

Angel Visit

NOTE: Recently, the following report appeared on my home-office FAX machine. Obviously, it appeared there by mistake; we have been unable to trace its source, and our FAX machine was not malfunctioning at the time. Doubtless the mysterious report was not intended for human eyes, but because of its startling contents, I am reproducing itContinue reading “Angel Visit”