Daddy’s Favorite Child

Have you ever thought, “I believe God loves me, but I’m not so certain He likes me”?

If you’ve ever said or thought something like that, read on…

Daddy God (literally “Papa” God, or “Abba Father”) is infinite; that means He has no bounds and no limits. He is also infinitely loving, meaning his core character—the very essence of his nature is boundless, limitless, eternal, unconditional love and measureless grace. He absolutely cannot not love every human being with deep, infinite love.

Yes, his love for each person is infinite, deep, and highly personal; there is no limit to how much our Daddy loves each of us. And his love has nothing to do with our behavior. He equally loves me…and you…as well as every other person. There is no one person He loves more—or less—than any other. He showers his deepest love on every single human, and can’t have a lesser love for any one of them. Yet, each of us is his favorite son or daughter. He loves each human simply because He created us, we’re his children by creation, and because his very essence and nature is love.

Yes, everyone—good or bad—is Daddy’s favorite. The Father of infinite love can have multiple favorites, yet each person is his most favorite son or daughter. Of all the billions of people Daddy God has created, I am his absolute favorite child! And so are you!

It doesn’t mean He favors one of us over another, but his full and complete devotion is simultaneously fixed completely on each of us. His undivided attention and his selfless love are totally focused on me right this very minute! And on you!

All the angels throughout the universe and in eternity are astounded, watching Daddy joyfully pour out his love and grace on me, his favorite child. All the universe—all eternity—watches Daddy God freely and completely pour out his love and grace on me…on you…and on each favorite child.

Daddy’s love for you and me is eternal, inexhaustible, undiminishable, incorruptible, indestructible, imperishable, limitless, boundless, measureless, and abundant.

The saddest thing in all the universe is when one of us kids runs away from home…or rejects Daddy’s love…or doesn’t believe we are Daddy’s favorite child….

Bill Boylan
Revised and Updated January 2023

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