Change Your Mind

change:  to cause to become different; alter; transform; a radical transmutation of one’s character or core  nature.  “You better change your mind, young man, or you’re going to be in serious trouble!” was shouted at me by my mother who was chasing me after I had done something wrong; I don’t recall for certain, butContinue reading “Change Your Mind”

Imagine That

I’m going to teach you a quick lesson in human makeup. God created humans as three-part beings, somewhat fashioned after his three-part being–The Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit–3 persons, yet one God; one God, yet 3 persons. Humans are created with a spirit, a soul, and a body. Think of a bullseye or a targetContinue reading “Imagine That”

Creating My Future

Both my past and my future begin right now, this very instant.  My past is ever swirling and eddying behind me, and my future ever beginning, ever unfolding  endlessly before me, ever becoming my past, ever changing . . . God and I ever co-creating it according to his eternal purposes for my life. Previously,Continue reading “Creating My Future”