Change Your Mind

CHANGE: to cause to become different; alter; transform; a radical transmutation of one’s character or core nature.

“You better change your mind, young man, or you’re going to be in serious trouble!”  The “serious trouble” my mother was referring to was a spanking I would receive when Dad came home from work. That’s an expression I heard very often when my mother caught me engaging in some wrong behavior when I was a boy. What was Mother really saying to me? She was saying: “Bill, the problem is really not what you’re doing wrong; your wrong thinking is causing your wrong behavior. You need to change your wrong thinking!”

How about you? Of the two, which would you say is the bigger problem for you: your wrong behavior OR your wrong thinking? If you could change some of your wrong thinking in various areas of your life, would that help correct your wrong behavior?  Are you asking: “Bill, what in the world is this all about? Why are you writing about the way I think?” Because the way you think makes all the difference in this life . . . and in your life to come.

Winds Of Change!

Here’s a general statement: Most—not all—adult humans tend to fear and resist change. Okay, okay, I know—you don’t fear change; you’re the exception. I said most adult humans fear and resist change, not all of them.  I’m not writing so much about generalized changes that take place throughout our mortal journeys in the external world around us—technological changes, new inventions, political changes, cultural changes, and the like. Those types of external changes just sort of “happen” around us as we journey through life, and we have a tendency to take them in stride as they occur. For example, just think back a moment to the multitude of changes in your external world since you were born and began your mortal journey.

The Big Changes

The changes I’m writing about that we tend to fear and resist are internal changes, changes in the interior of our beings—changes we must make inside us as we journey through life. Those are the hard changes most of us deal with throughout

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