My Visit To Heaven

This is not one of my teachings.  Its an “advertisement” for one of my books.

On March 6, 2018, I was invited to visit Heaven.  I wrote about that in a book titled Heaven:  Our Home Sweet Homeland.

You can purchase my book at as an e-book, or in softcover, or hardcover.

Here’s what God asked me to write about my observations and experiences during my visit to Heaven:

“This book is a true account of one man’s startling visit to Heaven on March 6, 2018.  It is an astonishing record of what the kingdom of Heaven on the freshly renewed and restored earth is really like, and it’s different from anything you’ve ever imagined!

Heaven is not a boring, eternal church service in a fairy tale location somewhere above the clouds.  It is a real, tangible place God has prepared for YOU–a kingdom of joy, worthwhile, meaningful, and purposeful activities, peace, lasting relationships, contentment, and hope.

This book was written to give YOU hope–genuine hope.  and for multitudes of people who have somehow lost hope and those who feel no hope whatsoever.  People need hope, not merely to survive in life, but to thrive beyond simply existing day by day.

The writer prays that people reading this account of his visit to Heaven will find a rock-solid sense of purpose, meaning and hope to which they can anchor their lives.” 

I receive no personal income from the sales of any of my books; all proceeds go into a special account with our ministry, Life enrichment Services, from which we purchase literature, books, and other materials to give away.

My other books can be reviewed and purchased on

Bill Boylan
Reviewed and Updated February 2023

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