Angel Visit

NOTE: Recently, the following report appeared on my home-office FAX machine. Obviously, it appeared there by mistake; we have been unable to trace its source, and our FAX machine was not malfunctioning at the time. Doubtless the mysterious report was not intended for human eyes, but because of its startling contents, I am reproducing it in it’s entirety just as it came through my FAX machine.


Spiralian Quadrant Number 3
Sol Sector 16-838-09
Unidate 3X7888

REPORT FOR: The Most High One: Creator, Master, Sustainer, and Savior of All

FROM: Your Humble Servant and Messenger, the Angel Malakiel

SUBJECT: Consolidated Report About the Human Inhabitants of Planet Earth


O Most High God, You recently dispatched a special task force of angels to observe the overall status of the human inhabitants of Planet Earth; you commissioned me as leader of the task force. I humbly submit to You this consolidated report about our observations. The report is about the human race as a whole, not about specific members of the species. The task force consisted of this writer—Malakiel—Gabriel, and Michael: we three being leaders of other angels divided equally into task force teams of 100 each. This report covers a period of approximately 100 planetary years. Later, Alaleel, an angel intern joined our team.

As your beloved humans jokingly put it, we submit in this report a blending of both good news and bad news. The good news is that—overall—humans remain a vibrant, growing, thriving, energetic, creative and burgeoning species; they are finally beginning to reach up and out from their home planet, to their own solar system, to their galaxy, and thence to the vast expanse of the universe beyond.

Master, as You know all too well, your image within this remarkable species has been marred, darkened, “bent,” and “disfigured” to a great extent; in spite of that, however, many humans still seem to know instinctively that your chosen destiny is for them to attain benevolent dominion throughout the universe and in the eternal state. It is sad for us angels to know that the majority of humans still do not realize such dominion is delegated: that it is to be exercised only under your ultimate lordship and sovereignty; they continue to mistakenly feel they are in charge of their own destiny. They all too often forget they are the created ones and You are the Creator of all.

We angels understand that humans were created in your image, i.e., they are visible representations of You who are invisible. Even though that mysterious process of sin has caused your image in them to be marred and disfigured, You are in the process of restoring all of them fully back into your image as best seen in your Beloved One. Blessed be his Name!  If it is part of your purposes for us who are angels, we would like for You to fully explain to us the matter of human sin. As near as we can determine, we can only describe sin as humans being self-centered, and self-absorbed, instead of other-centered and God-centered, living their lives largely for themselves rather than for You. Beyond that basic understanding, sin remains incomprehensible to our race.

Yes, unfortunately vast numbers of humans still believe that ultimate authority is theirs’. They seem to have forgotten they will rule and reign over their own lives and the universe only under your perfectly righteous, benevolent, delegated jurisdiction for the highest good of the entire universe and all its far-flung inhabitants, not for their own good, nor for their own selfish ends. Holy One, it is truly good for us as angels, to know somewhat the beginning to the end—and to realize your dominion will ultimately spread throughout the universe, including all humanity. Comparatively few humans seem to remember that fact (and neglect to pass it on) from generation to generation.

There is more good news. Just as You began the human race with a “perfect” (yet innocent) hu-man, your plan continues right on schedule to “end” the race with a perfect New Man—your Beloved Only Son being the “head,” and all your human children of all the ages of time being the “body”—one new (hu)Man filling the universe of time and space with your Divine Presence everywhere and everywhen . . . and on into the eternal state where there is no time, wherein You dwell and reign supreme.

When You in the person of your Only Begotten Son (Praise Him for all time and eternity!) lived as a fully human being among other humans, at that time in human history only 1 human in approximately 25 retained conscious knowledge and love for You in mind and heart. Now, 2,000+ earth-years later, 1 human in 7 knows and loves You and is part of your great family—the wonderful Body of Your Beloved Son. Much more must be accomplished in order to reach the remaining 6 out of 7 humans with the Victorious Good News about Him and your Kingdom, but a vast segment of your Body is involved in an impressive movement designed to tell the Good News to the remainder of humanity within the next few planetary years. How inventive and ingenious these humans are when filled and energized with your power-full Spirit!

Master, we angels continue to be deeply impressed by humans: they are resourceful, yet lazy; truthful, yet dishonest; seeing, yet blind; loving, yet warlike; kind, yet cruel; compassionate, yet hardened; charitable, yet selfish; close to one another, yet aloof; brilliant, yet ignorant; healthy, yet ill; rich, yet poor; angelic, yet demonic. Truly, they are the epitome of your creation, fearfully and wonderfully made! If only they could perceive their end from their beginning to the extent we angels perceive it.

How grateful we angels are that You have chosen to involve us in the unfolding of your awesome purposes for such a challenging race of beings. We deeply appreciate that You have made us ministering servants to help guide and assist them as your grand purposes unfold in and through them. Humans are a specially blessed creation of yours; we long for that wonderful future time when all of them realize how great is your love for them! We bow in reverence at your unrivaled act of love when You stepped out of eternity and became one of them for a moment of time.

We do not fully understand that supreme act of giving of yourself to them, and we flinch on those occasions when we see the scars your Beloved Son forever carries, but we yield to your matchless love which underlies all You do.  Somehow, most humans have lost sight of the fact that You deliberately chose their small planet as the “seed plot” for the entire universe. If only humans could learn once and for all how highly You esteem them—to have chosen them to be your starting point for the unfolding of your grand scheme for the universe. If only they knew how we angels stand in hushed awe at the incredible human potential.

They have such difficulty understanding they are “seedlings” of an entirely new race of beings forever patterned after your perfect prototype, the Son of Man (Blessed is He!). How the seedlings battle to become what You are “growing” them to be, not realizing that in the fullness of time the battle was won once-for-all on a cruel cross, in an empty tomb, in a miraculous resurrection, and in your Beloved One’s re-appearing. If only we angels could tell them the entire story. So ends my Introduction to this Report.

Part One

Since I have already alluded to the amazing, created phenomenon of time, we regretfully inform You that most humans still regard time as a great burden to overcome at all costs, rather than perceiving time as a marvelous instrument created especially by You to launch them into eternity at the end of the eons of time. They fight so hard to somehow stop time, not yet realizing that it is merely a tiny capsule bobbing for an atomic second on the boundless sea of eternity.  This basic misconception of time has caused them to lose sight of the greater reality of eternity. They have come to believe time is the reality and eternity is the shadow. They have forgotten the clear message about time and eternity You left them throughout your Sacred Writings as best exemplified in this excerpt from those holy pages:

                   “God has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of all humans; yet they cannot fathom what He has done from beginning to end.” (Ecclesiastes 3: 11)

Many humans feel very confined by the limitations of time, having forgotten that their physical existence in time is merely the briefest of preludes to their fuller existence in eternity. We are pleased to report, however, that a few humans have begun to perceive time more realistically, due especially to the recent research about time conducted by one of their scientists, Albert Einstein.  For those few humans, time is not such a weighty burden and constraint any more.

They are using their brief allotment of time to prepare for all humanity’s existence when time shall be no more. They have retained the primeval truth You placed in the human race at their creation—the truth that during all the ages of time You will continue the process of first forming (and then restoring) a race of beings in your own image; creating them for the express purpose of loving and serving You and others in wholly constructive and co-creative ways through all time and eternity.

Great King of All, here is a brief summary of the main points of the Introduction and Part One of this portion of our report:

  • Humans need to be constantly reminded that You are the Creator and they are the created ones. You are in charge. You are in control.
  • Your purposes to restore the human race fully into your image remain on schedule with no deviation or delay.
  • Humans also need reminded they are “seedlings”—an integral component of your “seed plot” purposes for the entire universe.
  • Most humans also need reminded of the basic differences between time and eternity so as to better prepare themselves for eternity.

Your Majesty, this ends the first portion of our report, and we humbly and respectfully submit it to You with gratitude for the opportunity to serve both You and your beloved humans.

Part Two

When You gave us this assignment, you asked us to (1) tell you more about how humans generally perceive and relate to time, and (2) how they perceive and relate to eternity. Part Two of this report begins to address those two matters.  

First, we honestly admit to You that we angels have difficulty understanding time, since for the most part we live and move and have our being in timeless eternity. Second, it is difficult for us to function adequately in time when we are required to enter that dimension; for us to spend much time in the confining limitations of time, causes us to feel uncomfortable, sluggish and disoriented. Time is an unusual and strange medium in which humans are required to live during their present stage of existence. Their existence in time appears to be extremely limiting and confining compared to our existence in timeless eternity.

 We angels understand that time is a created phenomena; most humans do not have that understanding. They believe that time always has been—with no beginning and no end in sight. It has been many centuries since some of the fathers of the faithful correctly perceived and comprehended time as being a created phenomenon having both beginning and ending. We will report to You the present understanding about time which a few humans now possess, rather than report to You the misunderstanding held by the masses of humanity.

We trust that as time passes the few will be able to teach the many until time ceases to be.  Great Creator, only a few humans understand that time is, indeed, a created phenomenon consisting of past, present, and future just as, for example, humans are themselves created phenomena possessing youth, middle age, and old age. Yes, time is only one creation among many other created entities—only one “thing” among countless other “things” which are part of the entire created universe. Time is as much a unique category of creation as, for example, stars, angels, atoms, air, and water are each unique categories of creation.

Some humans understand that before the beginning, there was no time; at the end of the ages, time will be changed, swallowed up, and replaced by a renewed, spiritual creation, and time will cease to exist. That is the nature of a non-sentient category of creation such as time. Time—comprised of nanoseconds to eons—was created in the beginning and will cease to exist at the end of the ages.  If only humans could somehow jettison the notion that eternity is merely an infinite extension of time.

How they would begin to change what they do with time; they would at long last realize time cannot be “saved,” only “spent” in preparation for life in the eternal state. It is sadly humorous for us angels to observe humans expending so much effort to save time. Why do they attempt to save something which cannot be saved? Or strive not to waste something which cannot be wasted—as though time were a commodity of some sort? What is it about humans that causes them to have so much difficulty simply “being” and living in the “now” during their very brief journey through time?

As stated earlier, there are a few humans in the present era who have begun to correctly understand and teach about time. Some have begun to comprehend that You created time for humans—to aid them in accommodating themselves to a material and temporal realm of existence. And to aid them in preparing for a new, totally spirit-form of existence after the last age of time—in that state of existence in which we angels live and move and have our being: Eternity.  

Yes, some humans have come to realize that You created time to give them time (so to speak) to prepare for a fuller, richer, more complete and abundant state of being in eternity. Some are beginning to understand once again that time is only a tiny capsule bobbing for an atomic second in a limitless sea of eternity. Eternity is the “real” dimension in which all things are—just as they are perceived to be; whereas time is just the opposite—that twilight realm within your Kingdom where all things are merely the briefest of dark, nebulous shadows cast by their realities in eternity.

Great Ruler of all, most of the remarks which follow in the remainder of part two of this report were compiled from various human writings which we collected in the course of our research. We understand that for reasons known only to You, most humans still “see through a glass darkly,” but You will understand from what follows in this report that a few of them are beginning to see more clearly than others as their inner, spirit-eyes become more open and adjusted to eternal realities.  

Because time is a created phenomenon, it can be studied to some extent just as any other creation of yours can be studied. For example, by definition time is: “A system for measuring duration.” Time can be measured with chronometers ranging from incredibly precise atomic clocks to Mickey Mouse watches. We know how it functions by its effects in passing: maturity, decay, corrosion, erosion, deterioration and the like. All things are “running down” due to the passage and effects of time.

As mentioned earlier, Great Creator of all, an entirely new learning discipline for the study of time was established from the Theory of Relativity “discovered” by the late Dr Albert Einstein. Humans understand from his theory that time and space (space being another category of your marvelous creation) are interdependent, inseparably related, and form a four-dimensional continuum (length, height, depth and duration). That is to say, there is no space without time and no time without space; without the passing of time, there is no traversing of space.  

To furnish only one hasty example, some humans understand that is why your Beloved One—in his post-resurrection body—was immediately able to transcend and transverse the space-time continuum with the speed of thought just as we angels are able to do. By his power, the Beloved One (praise him for all time and eternity!) is able to make space and time cohere and consist (Colossians 1: 17 in your Sacred Book). Without his binding power, space and time would immediately cease to exist. But time will cease to be at the end of the ages when the Beloved simply releases his grip and disperses the ages of time back to nothingness. Is not this what your Sacred Word has taught all along in such passages as, for example, Revelation 6: 14, 10: 6, 20: 11, and 2 Peter 3: 10 – 13?

Sometimes Your Majesty, we angels seem to understand such concepts better than do most humans. But in matters relating to your marvelous plan of redemption we continue to stand in hushed awe at how You accomplished such great salvation through the death, resurrection, and ascension of your Son. Such matters we desire to investigate further if only You would permit us to do so. Perhaps we will never understand salvation as the humans do since we are not its recipients as they are.

But I digress . . .  Eternity, per se, seems to be such a simple concept for us angels to understand, but that is probably because it is the dimension in which we exist except for our brief incursions into time. Most humans regard eternity as being an unreal dimension which they might possibly enter when they die, it being a dimension which they feel cannot be studied and explored while they remain in time. Nevertheless, some of them understand that eternity is simply a state of being. They understand it is not a created phenomenon such as time and space, because it is part of your very being.

Perhaps humans have such problems understanding the nature of eternity because your Sacred Word does not define it well, nor teach about it in depth. The Sacred Text is essentially a book about time, of time, and for time. It was written for humans who live in time, not in eternity—for beings who are not yet totally spirit-beings as we angels are. Only when humans enter that state of being called eternity . . . only when You—who are eternity “personified”—become “All in all” in all humans . . . only when time ends and is swallowed up into eternity . . . only when eternity becomes an absolute reality to them . . . only when they are spiritually metamorphosized into the eternal milieu . . . only then will humans begin to understand and comprehend eternity and matters of an eternal nature.

Your Sacred Text is clear, O Ruler of all, that You are the Eternal Father, or—more literally—the Father of Eternity (Isaiah 9 :6). Some humans understand that You are the Father of Eternity in the sense that You are originator and sustainer of eternity just as your dear Son is the creator and sustainer of time. Some understand that eternity is part of your very being; You are eternity; eternity is in You. Eternity is not a thing or place to which humans will go when they step out of time into eternity. You are Eternity!

Some humans have begun to understand that time and eternity are two separate entities; they are diametrical to one another in an absolute sense. Eternity is a state of absolute timelessness, not of unending time. Nor is eternity an infinite extension of time. Eternity is a state of being, resident in your very nature and person, in which such concepts as past, present, future, “before,” “after,” minutes, hours and years simply do not exist. There are no endless ages in eternity; eternity has no ages—such time categories simply do not exist in eternity. Time is simply non-existent in eternity. Eternity is not composed of endless segments of time or of unending ages of time. Yes, a few of your human children have begun to understand these concepts anew, since the time long ages ago when such concepts began to be buried and forgotten.

Indeed, a few have begun to see that time is not part of eternity; eternity is not composed of endless segments of time. Eternity is not time standing still. Eternity does not go on and on and on, ad infinitum. Eternity doesn’t go anywhere, nor does it do anything. Eternity simply is—as You simply are who You are, Eternal One. Time is a measurably, fixed, limited, created phenomena. Eternity is not fixed, not limited, not created. It is part of your very nature and person. One human put it this way: “The expression, ‘It is that it is’ uniquely refers to eternity just as ‘I AM who I AM’ uniquely refers to You. Just as the Beloved One said, ‘Before Abraham was, I AM,’ it can be said of eternity: ‘Before time was, I am.'”

I now conclude Task Force Mahanaim’s observations about how humans perceive time and eternity. As mentioned before, only a few perceive time and eternity as they really are; the majority of humans misunderstand the importance of both—and often never even think about them at all . . . that is, until their time comes to undergo the death metamorphosis and transition from time into eternity.  

Perhaps I can best summarize this portion of our report in this manner. A great many who believe in your Beloved Son are waiting until they die before they enjoy eternity—eternal LIFE. But eternal LIFE is now. At all times, the LIFE of eternity (being your very own uncreated LIFE, Eternal One) is now. Eternity continually breaks into time as the waters of earth’s mighty oceans and seas continually break upon her shores and beaches. Eternity is continually breaking into the four dimensions of time and space.

Humans must come to understand (as a few have done down through the ages of time) that instead of focusing upon a future time of death—or upon a future prophetic day—when eternity shall “begin,” eternity always has been; it is now! By opening themselves up to eternity’s invading LIFE forces during their mortal lives now, the limitations of time and space are swallowed up by the limitless, far greater LIFE of eternity.

We angels are able to perceive that within some humans, time is inexorably being replaced by eternity. The very inner beings of some of your children are becoming boundless and eternal, no longer controlled and motivated solely by memories of the past, by present events, or by hopes of a vague, endless future in the “sweet bye and bye.” Some of your children are actually becoming age-less. Their spirits are growing, maturing, and expanding within them as they fuse with the limitless expanses of your very own eternal LIFE and nature. They see the reality of a state of being called Eternity and with their entire beings they are stretching upward toward that eternal “place” to which You are drawing them.

Thus ends section two of our report about time and eternity, Great Eternal Ruler of All.

Part Three

All the members of Task Force Mahanaim humbly bow before You again, Great King of All Creation. You assigned us angels the tasks of observing and reporting about the human condition over a period of approximately 100 planetary years.

Before I begin this section of our report about how humans perceive themselves, I want to relate to You a matter we angels on Task Force Mahanaim have been discussing recently. As You know, one of the angels newly assigned to our task force is Alaleel. He was recently transferred to this sector of the universe to assist us with our observations, having had centuries of experience in observational research methods elsewhere and elsewhen prior to his transfer to our task force.

You will recall that Alaleel had previously been assigned for many centuries to serve a race of beings in Spiralian Quadrant Number 27—an innocent race of beings who are not marred, “bent” and disfigured as are our beloved humans.  Alaleel’s first reactions to humans reminded us angels who have served their race for a long time of our own first reactions to them; that is what we have been discussing. Let me explain.

It all goes back in time many eons ago when You first established this sector’s Angelic Institute of Human Behavior (AIHB) a few centuries after You created the first humans. You will recall I was among the first graduating class of the Institute. No matter how hard we angels studied . . . no matter how comprehensive the subject matter at the Institute . . . no matter how excellent were the metamorphosized human instructors we had . . . no matter how much human role-playing we engaged in during our studies . . . nothing prepared us for the shock of our first encounter with real, non-metamorphosized humans—especially in terms of one certain aspect of their humanness.

How well I remember a few days after my graduation when I was dispatched to my first assignment among non-metamorphosized humans. What a shock it was to “descend” from the brightness of eternity into the gray, dull murkiness of time and space. How dull earth’s sun was compared to your brightness, 0 Light of The Universe. How limiting and stuffy were the confines of time and space.  

I remember that instant of time when I first stood “face to face” with my first human charge (not that he could actually see either me or my “face” at that time, of course). He was “transparent” and glorious in your image (even though the image was marred and darkened—I am using earth language terms, of course, in order to describe earthly phenomena). I could see his pulsating heart, follow the course of the red river of life streaming throughout his body, observe the biochemical and electrical impulses in his brain, hear him breathe, and watch the functioning of all his other organs and tissues.

I remember thinking, “Yes, all I’ve been taught is indeed true; he is fearfully and wonderfully made!” I could make sense of his thoughts, comprehend his dreams, and understand his hopes and aspirations. I could see deep within him the true person he was: fused with your Spirit, alive, reaching out to others and to You—growing, learning, developing, expanding—yet encased and limited for a time within his own soul and body.  

But then in another instant I saw and comprehended the startling and awesome reality that he could not see himself or others as I could see him—and as You can see him! All he could see was the exterior of his own body and the bodies of other humans. He could not see inside as I could see him. He could see only the “outer man,” not the true spirit-man whom he really was. How sad that humans in their present state will never be able to “know” one another in the true sense of knowing.

Upon this realization a great, unexplainable horror came upon me and a sense of shock and sadness overwhelmed me—and I cried . . . cried for him and for his entire race. I recall wandering alone through earth’s atmosphere for many days, unable to shake off the overwhelming sorrow and grief I felt for him at his blindness and lack of true knowing.

Gradually the sadness passed and I came to realize that his inability to see as he is truly seen by You—and by other species of spirit-beings—is part of the fallen state of time and space in which humans are bound and confined until the great and final loosing by the Beloved One. I still experience times of sadness when I am among humans—sadness because they are blind and cannot see . . . and because they cannot really know one another. But they think they do.

But it is sadness mingled with joy because I know the day is coming when all blind human eyes will be opened and they will see as we now see. What a bright day of rejoicing that will be! A bright day when darkness and blindness will flee away, and when they shall gaze upon the One who is the Light of their dark world!  O Father of Lights, that is what we have been talking much about with Alaleel recently. We other angels have been attempting to explain to him how we recall so vividly our first encounters with humans. We have been trying to cheer him up and comfort him through his initial period of shock and sadness at being assigned to his first created race of those who are blind. It is indeed a time of overwhelming shock, sorrow and sadness when one of our species is first assigned to serve humans.

Another related matter which causes us to feel sad when we are working with humans is their inability to travel through time and space as we do—and with the “speed” with which we spirit-beings are able to travel. Their inability to travel through time and space as we do doesn’t cause us to be nearly as overwhelmed with grief as their blindness does, however. Travel is a mere ability, whereas their blindness is an entire state of being which limits them from even knowing they are blind.

They think they see and understand so much when, in fact, their understanding is as a mere droplet in a limitless, universal ocean of knowledge and wisdom.  Of course, at the Institute we were taught about these various limitations humans have imposed upon themselves, but nothing we learned there prepared us for the actual experience of encountering first-hand their “humanness.”

At best, they can travel a few thousands of miles per hour and have traveled only as far as their planetary satellite. Yet some of them feel they are masters of the universe. If only they knew how provincial they are. It’s as if an ant (a curious creation of yours, incidentally) traveled a few yards from its nest and then believed that he understood what the entire planet earth was like. We spirit beings are able to travel throughout your vast creation with the speed of thought itself and visit past, present, and future at any time. We can be everywhere and everywhen almost simultaneously.

We cannot even begin to conceive what it must be like for humans to travel so slowly and stay so very, very close to home—and to be limited to only their “now.” What a fantastic future they have in store when their blind eyes shall be opened and when they are able to traverse time and space as we now do. A few of them realize a little bit what you have in store for them, but only those few who have taken time to come to know—really know—your beloved Son.  

Forgive me for seeming to digress, Master, but I thought this brief description of our first encounter with humans would set the stage for the next section of our report about how humans perceive themselves. Great King, beginning with this fourth part of our report, I introduce the subject of how humans perceive themselves, based upon Task Force Mahanaim’s observations during approximately the past 100 years earth time.

Part Four

At the outset, I state quite candidly that this portion of our report was extremely difficult—almost impossible—to complete. Why? Because humans are so very complex. We spirit-beings are comparatively simple to understand; to borrow a human expression, “With us, what you see is what you get.” We angels are “one.” We are not “three-in-one” as are your beloved humans. Their three-ness makes them extremely complex in nature and behavior, perhaps as complex—or more so—than any other race of beings you created. But then we angels have been pondering your own three-in-one-ness and one-in-three-ness nature ever since our own creation.

Until approximately 100 planetary years ago, most humans regarded themselves as your offspring, created in your image. It was rare to find genuine, bona fide nonbelievers in You anywhere on planet earth. In those days most humans at least gave lip service to belief in You as their Creator and themselves as your creation. But that was until 100 years ago. Much has changed since then.  Subtle spiritual influences and strong intellectual tides were initiated and stirred up by certain “dark” humans. Murky philosophies caused many humans to disclaim your existence. When that happened, they began to feel they were not created beings after all.

There commenced a dark time of doubt, criticism, misunderstanding, unbelief and fear among many humans, especially among those in the western, technological and civilized world. A time of confusion and uncertainty began. Faith was uprooted and moorings of belief were loosed. Since then, internal anarchy and license have become almost unchecked in many humans.

In fact (as mentioned earlier in our report), the entire experience called “sin” which has befallen all humans seems to us who are watching to be simply that each of them has chosen to live egocentric, self-filled lives rather than God-filled lives as You originally intended for them.


If the prevailing human philosophy of the past 100 years could be summarized in one word, it would be this: Existentialism. A peculiar philosophy, this existentialism. It means that humans know they exist, but they believe there is no way for them to know how they came to exist or why they exist. Some humans feel the only meaning to existence is that existence means they exist. Therefore, making the best of their existence is what existence is all about. It seems to us angels who observe (and serve) humans that such a belief goes in circles; one human adage tells about a dog chasing it’s own tail, but never catching it; existentialism seems to us to be like that.

It is a nebulous philosophy which results in much dread and anguish. Sadly, many humans believe their existence is essentially empty and aimless, having no reasons for its beginning, no purposes for its continuance, and no meanings beyond its end. We heard one of their popular philosophers state that human life is continually being sucked into the whirling vortex of a “black hole” where life simply ceases to exist.  O Great Creator of All, on the contrary—what a glorious surprise awaits all humanity when they discover the unbelievably exciting and marvelous realities which are to be discovered at the “bottom” or “other end” of the black holes You have placed throughout the universe!

I would like to be an observer and catch the expression of wonder and awe on the face of the first metamorphosized human who passes through a black hole and discovers that at the other end is a gleaming, scintillating, bright, whiter-than-white, Eternal Pillar—a firm Foundation upon whom the very superstructures of your material Kingdom rest! Yes, what a surprise it will be for humans to learn that black holes are really “light holes” and are merely “passages” between “sectors” of your eternal Kingdom!

Existentialism—which permeates much modern thought, concepts and philosophies—has resulted in most humans generally perceiving themselves in one of three ways; these three “categories” of perception are not clearly defined but will suffice; Beyond these three categories, there is a fourth, and better, Way.  

The first category is this. Many humans unfortunately perceive themselves as uncreated “animals” only; that is, they consider themselves as being merely a “higher” species of animals; having evolved from “lower” species of animals over a period of many millions of years, completely by chance and not by your creative design. Great pains, much effort, and many billions of dollars have been spent by humans attempting to convince themselves of the truth of this particular theory. It is widely accepted at present. Because we angels can see inside of humans and really know them in the true sense of knowing, we can see that this theory is believed largely by those who do not wish to render allegiance to You or to be responsible to You as their Creator.

Of course we angels know this theory will fall into disrepute and pass away in time, but for now it has captured the allegiance of many millions of your human children. How diligently they strive to disprove those aspects of your creation and Creatorhood which are clearly seen by anyone who has eyes to see. Also as You well know, when individual humans die and are metamorphosized they instantly see how false is this prevailing theory. It is one thing to debate and attempt to disprove there is a Creator; it is quite another thing to meet one’s Creator face to face in all your brilliant splendor!  Yes, this first manner in which many humans perceive themselves leaves some of them living rather bleak lives having dubious beginnings, purposeless existences, and empty beliefs that an ignoble and meaningless death ends all.

The second way many humans perceive themselves has them still believing they are merely animals, but with an added dimension of special “humanness” which raises them to a status higher than the so-called lower animals; yes, they believe they are only animals, but animals with the added dimension of distinct humanness. Upon first thought it might seem this second way humans perceive themselves is not much different from the first, but there is one significant difference. The unique humanness they speak of causes some of them to believe they are wholly masters of their own destiny. It is a type of widespread megalomania of the human race.

Yes, some of them have even come to believe their unique humanness means they are destined to be masters of the entire universe—that all other beings are lower than humans, thus giving humans a “manifest destiny” to be lords of the universe. Human history is replete with accounts of individuals and groups which have held this view or a distorted variation of it. One who comes to mind was a human named Adolph Hitler who believed certain humans were a master race and certain other humans were only animals to be destroyed. Millions of humans were destroyed by Hitler and his evil minions. The ancient human practice of enslaving one another also comes from believing this second viewpoint.

You can readily understand, O King and Ruler of All, how this second manner in which humans perceive themselves is very pernicious—to themselves and to other species and races. Many who hold this view regard all species of flora and other fauna to be fully exploitable and disposable, such species existing only to serve and meet the needs of humans. In the past few decades alone, thousands of species of animal and plant life on their planet home have become extinct as humans have voraciously pillaged, consumed and spoiled their planetary resources.  

From our vantage point as angels we understand, of course, that humans are not higher or lower than any other race of beings in the universe. Certainly, they have been “chosen” by You for grand and glorious purposes, but that does not mean they are higher, lower, or better than other species. They are “one” with all others, but specially selected by You to be the means of eventually lifting up the entire creation from the depths to which it fell during the Great Casting Down.

As with those who hold the first viewpoint, many who hold the second are nonbelievers in You, too. They feel they owe no allegiance to a non-existent creator. The only meaning they find in human life and history is the evolvement of their race into a master race. That is the meaning of life to them. Each human is merely a tiny part of the evolving master race of humanity, but when each individual dies, death ends all . . . so they believe.

The unique aspect of this second belief is that it is such a perversion of the real truth—not merely a denial of the truth, but a subtle twisting of truth. However, a few humans have grasped that real truth; they realize they are part of the Master’s Race, but not of any so-called master race of humans.

Upon that note I end this portion of our report. In a later portion I shall report about the Master’s race.

Part Five

 Your Majesty, the previous section of our report to You ended on a rather bleak note: we reported that many of our beloved humans who live on the Dark Planet feel that life is meaningless and without purpose—and that death is the end of all.

 In this section of our report, we will discuss a third manner in which vast numbers of humans perceive themselves. This third “category” by which humans perceive themselves is almost as bleak as the two categories we discussed in the previous section of our report. Those humans who hold the views of this third category also perceive themselves as evolved animals, but animals with an added dimension of “godness.” In a sense, this shows some “progress” in their self perceptions, but such perceptions still fall far short of humans seeing themselves as they really are: a unique species of creation destined for grand and glorious eternal purposes within the created realms.

On the subject of death, here is the belief of those who feel they are animals with an added element of godness: based on one’s “goodness” or ‘badness” in their present life, death becomes the beginning of another similar, or lesser, life on planet earth; in short, death and life are repeated in almost endless cycles. The peculiar philosophy of Existentialism underlies this type of human thinking, too, as we reported in the previous section of our report. Many humans feel if they cannot find meaning and fulfillment in their present existence, perhaps they will find such meaning in another cycle of life on planet earth, a view called Reincarnation.

For those who believe You exist, You are regarded as somewhat of an “absentee landlord” who created the universe, set it in motion, and then left your creation largely to its own devices and fate while you busied yourself elsewhere. For the most part, they do not regard You as a personal being. They believe You are somewhat of a vague, universal life force rather than a person. They perceive the entire universe as being cold and impersonal—full of random, chaotic and meaningless events which have no ultimate destiny or purpose. They believe they are merely hapless pawns in the shifting winds and tides of a universal Fate.

Activities in RealRealm and GreatSpace

Oh, Living One, if only our beloved humans could have their eyes opened for an instant and see how Realrealm and Greatspace are truly alive and constantly buzzing with activity beyond their limited human understanding! I recall one occasion centuries ago when you opened the eyes of Elijah’s servant and he caught a brief glimpse of some of that activity. What a transforming moment for that young man! You will recall, too, that I was on the angelic assistance team which served Ezekiel and orchestrated his “vision” into RealRealm. It is amazing how humans change when they catch a glimpse of light and true LIFE beyond the restrictions of the Dark Planet.

If only more of them could “see” the myriads of spirit beings and other species which populate the universe. If only they could “hear” the many “transmissions” and “broadcasts” constantly being beamed throughout space at the speed of thought. If they could only experience the traffic, commerce, and events which fill Realrealm and Greatspace. There is so much they miss because of the great Casting Down which has placed their planet in outer darkness for a brief time.

For example, your Sacred Text informs humans of the existence of my angelic species, but so few humans believe what they read. As you know, countless humans have even seen us over the millennia of their existence but still will not believe we exist. Do they disbelieve in our existence because we usually appear to look so much like them? Each of my species who has had the privilege of serving humans can recall those occasions when we have had to “leave” our normal habitat of Realrealm, slow down to match the snails’ pace of their planetary speed, and emerge into their darkness as human-appearing in order to aid those whom we serve or bear important messages to them. These entry maneuvers are extremely complex, to say the least.

Not only is it difficult to slow our speed to match theirs, but—since we are light-beings—it is even more laborious to “cover” our brightness and appear as flesh-beings who cast no light. It is so hard to adjust ourselves to their limited optical and visual capacities. Of course, your Beloved One experienced this difficulty during those years he lived as a human—except for that one instance when his transfigured Brightness beamed in uncovered splendor for those few moments on a mountaintop. What a bright Light he was (and is, and ever shall be . . . ) to the species called human!

As You also know, it is very strenuous for us to adjust from the universal plumb reference points of Realrealm to the out-of-plumb, out-of-kilter, slanted referents of planet earth. The home planet of our beloved humans is very much out of “alignment” with the rest of the universe. There is also the demanding task of adjusting down from our normal “size” in Greatspace to the size we must become in order to appear human. It is burdensome for us to be “here” in the same manner humans exist in time and space. It is arduous for us to “descend” from Realrealm onto a planet which is merely a small, aberrant point of dense darkness in a universe of bright light.

I apologize for digressing these past few paragraphs, Great Creator. We species who serve humans merely long for that time beyond time when our beloved humans will be permitted to emerge from their small backwater neighborhood of darkness into the mainstream of the bright light and teeming LIFE of Realrealm and Greatspace. They are missing so very much in their present confinement to outer darkness as they await the Great Emancipation from their previous Casting Down.

To return to and conclude the subject at hand, many humans see themselves as mere animals, but animals possessing some nebulous element of godness which causes them to be one with a chaotic universe. They hope to find ultimate meaning to existence after uncounted millennia of different earth lives and deaths. They hope to finally arrive at a state of blessedness achieved by the extinction of their individual existence and their absorption into some vague, impersonal, supreme godness.

If we angels were subject to human frailties and weaknesses, I think we would become depressed at such a bleak outlook on life.  We are pleased to report, however, that the next category—the fourth—of how humans perceive themselves is exciting and full of hope . . . because it is how You perceive them! Yes, a few of them know . . . They know their present existence is only preparatory for the great day when they will be unveiled—seen for who they really are—to all of Greatspace and Realrealm: part of the Master’s Race. That view will we share in the next portion of our report, O Beloved Master.

We who have been privileged to be part of Task Force Mahanaim wish to thank and praise You again, Great King of Hosts, for the exciting privilege this assignment has been. We have learned so much about humans that we have wanted to know for centuries, but have not been able to understand until undertaking this assignment. We consider it an unexcelled privilege to have been entrusted by You to see humans as they really are . . . and as they shall all become When RealRealm finally breaks fully upon them when time shall end.

The next section concludes our report, Most High One. Most of the other angels who were assigned to Task Force Mahanaim have already left for other assignments throughout this galaxy. I will be leaving earth soon for my new assignment in Andromeda Sector M31-221-12.  The other angels on the Task Force asked me to extend to You their heartfelt thanksgiving and appreciation for having been given this assignment to observe and report about humans.

What a fascinating species these humans! They are so very similar to many other created species whom we serve, yet so different . . . so special . . . so unique . . . so privileged. Yes, thank You from all of us. Unless we are reassigned to planet earth within the near future, please keep us informed about the continuing progress and development of our beloved humans as the events unfold which I will be pointing out in this concluding section of our report.

Part Six: Summary and Conclusion

Great King, allow me to briefly review the previous sections of this report in order to lead into this section . . .

Approximately 100 planetary years ago, you dispatched Task Force Mahanaim to observe and report on the overall status of humans. Our research discloses that your image in this remarkable species has been greatly blurred, marred and disfigured. Some humans no longer know You or believe You exist; some do. You created the human race with marvelous purposes for them which continue right on schedule: to fill the universe everywhere and everywhen with your divine Presence, beginning with planet earth as a “seed plot” and with all humans as “seedlings.”

Presently, humans perceive themselves basically in four different ways:

  • Some perceive themselves as uncreated, evolved “higher” animals. Death ends all.
  •  Some perceive themselves as uncreated, evolved higher animals with an added dimension of “human-ness.” Death ends all.
  • Some perceive themselves as evolved higher animals (either created or uncreated) with an added dimension of “godness.” Death and life are repeated in countless cycles ultimately ending in virtual nothingness.
The Master’s Race

Fourth…some perceive themselves as a unique species created and destined for eternal, universal service as the Master’s Race. Death does not end all. Death begins all.  Previous sections of our report covered the first three areas of human perception enumerated above. This portion of our report will cover the fourth. We are pleased to report that a rapidly growing number of humans understand they are part of the Master’s Race. We assume You have been conveying such truth to them by means of your Spirit and by illuminating your Sacred Book. Here is what some humans are beginning to comprehend.

They comprehend in new ways that the earth is, in fact, the seed plot You sovereignly chose for reasons known only to You. And that humans are seedlings. Humans are still in the process of being created in your image, with your Beloved One being the prototype, so to speak. In a sense, the original human race is being metamorphosized and transformed into a new race of created beings patterned after the Beloved One.

Yes, when He arose triumphantly from the dark tomb after his death and burial, the Beloved One became the first-born of a new species destined to serve You (and, in so doing, serve others) in wholly constructive and co-creative ways during all time and eternity as your dominion spreads throughout the entire creation. They realize true leaders are those who selflessly serve others.

They understand they are being groomed and prepared to be kings, regents, vicars, and, viceroys to serve throughout the eternal realms under the direct supervision of your Son. What a marvelous prospect lies in store for our beloved humans!  The entire creation seems poised on tiptoes awaiting the unveiling of this vast group of servants whom You have redeemed from every human race, tribe, and tongue. What a day—glorious day—that will be!

Those humans who know these things—really know them—understand that everything, absolutely everything, which has ever occurred on planet earth are part of your flawless Master Purposes of creation, redemption, and the restoration of all things, including all humanity. Nothing has happened by chance or by accident without your knowledge and approval. They acknowledge you are infinite in wisdom, perfect in understanding, almighty in power, unchangeable in purpose, and unswerving in faithfulness—working out your purposes throughout the universe without the slightest deviation from your original intentions. Your will has, is, and always shall be done, 0 King of kings and Lord of lords!

Freshly Restored Universe and Earth!

How excited those humans are who are coming to understand your Master Purposes! When they come–one by one—to comprehend the amazing program you have begun in and through humans on planet earth—and their part in it—their lives are transformed from dullness and boredom into a fantastic, eternal adventure.

They look for the new civilization which will begin on planet earth when He who is named Desire of the Nations shall fully manifest Himself to all. Wars will begin to cease. Illiteracy will decrease and end. Poverty will lessen and cease. Famine and starvation will diminish and end. Evil, lawlessness, and crime will be eradicated.  All restored humanity will learn honesty, wholeness, kindness, and happiness in a new world of peace, prosperity, and abundant well-being. There will be streams in the deserts. Population problems will be solved. Non-arable land will be reclaimed. Health will abound. Earth’s seas and oceans will yield undreamed of harvests of food and products.

Economic systems will be restructured. Giving—rather than getting—will become universal. All will learn to speak a cleansed, renewed universal language. Love rather than hate will prevail. Erratic weather patterns will be stabilized. All governments will come under the rule of loving righteousness. Educational and religious systems will be changed. Dead moons, planets, star systems, and entire galaxies will be revitalized and refurbished. The entire universe will be renewed. How exciting for us angels to observe those humans who have begun to realize their incredible, unlimited human potential as You change them into the likeness of the Beloved one!

Some human teachers of your Sacred Word seem to have gained unusual insight and are even speculating that there may be certain persons whom You have groomed and prepared for specific leadership positions after the Great Freeing of planet earth occurs. Here is what they are teaching (I pass the information on to you only as a matter of interest, since we angels do not know the facts of these matters; the training we received in order to serve humans did not include such specific foreknowledge):  When He who will finally be manifested in all his splendor—Shiloh of old, the long awaited, fully revealed One—continues the process of renewal and restoration of planet earth (and from there, the restoration and renewal of the entire universe).

Such teachers believe that Moses, Deborah, and Mordecai will occupy the highest leadership positions in government, law and economics. They believe that Joseph, Gideon, and Amos will lead in affairs of commerce, transportation, trade and agriculture. Some teachers believe that Mary, Martha and Luke will lead in matters of health and welfare. Affairs between nations will be well-handled by Daniel, Ruth, and Jonah. Who better than Elijah, Paul, Appolos, Priscilla and Aquila to take bold, aggressive leadership in fields of both secular and religious education?

Ezra and Nehemiah would be well-prepared to lead in such matters as housing and urban renewal. And would any humans be better prepared than Job and Solomon to set the pace in scientific, industrial and technological matters? Planet earth will need to be completely revitalized and renewed in terms of its natural resources and restoration of all flora and fauna; surely Adam, Eve and Noah will be perfectly equipped for such tasks. Some believe that none will be better suited than both Joshua and Samson to be in charge of dismantling and converting earth’s weapons of warfare into instruments for peace. And who better than Enoch, Ezekiel, and John to lead the space program of a renewed earth?

Although such placement in your universal government is still pure speculation, these, then are a few of the insights some of your teachers of Sacred Writ feel they have gained as they study and teach about upcoming events upon planet earth.  Yes, some have come to see that You have been inexorably shaping, molding and preparing all humanity for a glorious future on planet earth and an even more exciting future throughout the universe in the eternal state. No limitations to purposeful, loving creativity. Selfless service. Pureness of heart and mind. Unlimited ingenuity and inventiveness. Cultural and artistic endeavors never before viewed or heard. Universal peace. All wrong righted at last.

Unbroken, full fellowship with You. Incorruptible spiritual bodies no longer faced with ultimate death. Full joy. The Holy One in the precise midst and center of all things—there being no circumference! Completeness. Wholeness. Uncountable billions of worlds basking in the warm, elysian glow of loving, righteous, and thoughtful oversight and service by the human race which has been transformed into the Master’s Race. From the chrysalis of planet earth there will burst forth a strikingly beautiful, new, redeemed species of selfless servants of the Most High!

All creation will be bathed in the life-giving, reflected light of Him who is The Light—radiating out through redeemed, changed, perfected humans to the far-flung vastness of the universe and the eternal state. At long last, You will be All in all!

Respectfully submitted to you, O Great Eternal Ruler of All,
Malakiel, Director
Milky Way Task Force Mahanaim

Bill Boylan
Life Enrichment Services, Inc
Revised and Updated December 2022

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