June and July 2015: Last Days!?

NOTE:  This issue continues the series we began last February.  We’ve combined the June and July issues.  Some Alternative Views Let’s look at some fact-based, alternative views of “end times” or “last days” in contrast to the gloom and doom views that everything is getting worse and worse.  For example, there are some people who feelContinue reading “June and July 2015: Last Days!?”

May 2015: Last Days?!

NOTE:  For the next couple of months I’ll be teaching some concepts which will complete what we wrote in the February and March issues.  After the two controversial issues of The Traveler in February and March, I believe God wants me to follow up those issues with some more controversial thoughts the next few months . .Continue reading “May 2015: Last Days?!”

April 2015: Got LIFE

Got LIFE NOTE: This month’s issue of The Traveler is sort of a parenthesis between some months I’m teaching about the “last days.” I’ll resume that teaching next month. As I visit with various Jesus believers and pre-believers here and there in person and by correspondence and e-mail around the world, I find that manyContinue reading “April 2015: Got LIFE”

March 2015: Last Days?!

Continued from last month Last month we introduced the biblical subject of the “last days,” suggesting the real last days likely occurred 2,000 years ago during the lifetimes of Jesus and his early followers.  Now, let’s examine some biblical references to support that suggestion.  I’m not trying to push this view on you, merely asking youContinue reading “March 2015: Last Days?!”

February 2015: Last Days!?

I already anticipate some of the mean-spirited, nasty e-mails and similar responses I will receive about this issue of The Traveler.  I read all responses I receive each month, but I throw away all the mean, nasty ones after I read them.  And I honestly appreciate those types of responses, as well as the positive and encouraging onesContinue reading “February 2015: Last Days!?”

December 2014: Eternal Time Traveler

Time’s Eternal Traveler  It was a clear, warm spring night.  Shepherds were guarding their flocks on the hillsides and meadows of Judea.  Suddenly, the dark, night skies lit up brighter than any fireworks display ever witnessed.  An angel proclaimed to the startled shepherds . . .   And you know the rest of the story!  IfContinue reading “December 2014: Eternal Time Traveler”

November 2014: What’s Your View? Part Two

What’s Your View? We concluded last month’s issue by teaching about four views people hold about heaven and hell based on the Bible.  Here are what those four views have in common. First, all four views teach that authentic believers in Jesus go to heaven when they die.  One view teaches they go there throughContinue reading “November 2014: What’s Your View? Part Two”

October 2014: What’s Your View? Part One

What’s Your View?  You may not want to hear it.  You may not believe me.  But I want to tell you an astonishing truth right up front:  not all Jesus believers on this planet   believe exactly the same as you do, but they’re still believers in Jesus!   I know . . . that’s a realContinue reading “October 2014: What’s Your View? Part One”

September 2014: Happy 5th Anniversary

Happy Fifth Anniversary! In the first issue of The Traveler in September 2009, we wrote:  Each of us is a traveler through the eons of time and beyond—into our final, eternal state of being! Our life is a journey, a sojourn.  And for all of us, this mortal life comes with great heights and great depths . . .Continue reading “September 2014: Happy 5th Anniversary”

August 2014: Mission Belarus

Mission Belarus Okay, here’s a test; you have 30 seconds to answer. No cheating! Without looking at an atlas, tell me where the Republic of Belarus is located. Did you answer correctly? Without referring to an atlas, I’ll bet many of you didn’t know where Belarus is. However, if you’ve been turned in to internationalContinue reading “August 2014: Mission Belarus”