May 2016: Effulgence

Effulgence continued from last month Aren’t you glad God created light? There wouldn’t be much (if any) life anywhere without light. In fact, it’s almost impossible for any of us to imagine no light.  We have a number of tourism caves and caverns near us in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota; usually, when theContinue reading “May 2016: Effulgence”

April 2016: Turn On The Dark, Part One

Turn On The Dark  I’m beginning a new topic this month, and it may take a few months to finish it.  The topic is:  light.  This is based on a teaching I first presented way back in the 1970’s, but I’ve changed much of it and updated it quite a bit for this issue.  As we study together aboutContinue reading “April 2016: Turn On The Dark, Part One”

March 2016: Judgment and Justice: Part Two

Continued from last month In last month’s issue of The Traveler, we introduced you to some thoughts about God’s judgments and justice. We also introduced you to the word “anthropomorphism,” meaning to ascribe human characteristics to non-human persons or objects. Basically, we humans have done that with God; we’ve ascribed human thoughts and actions to God.Continue reading “March 2016: Judgment and Justice: Part Two”

February 2016: Here Come Da Judge!: Part One

Ask many people what they think about God’s judgment(s), and their responses will be something like this: “There is coming a time when God will judge every human, and, as a result, some will go to heaven to live forever with God and some will be cast into hell to burn there forever with Satan.” That’s generallyContinue reading “February 2016: Here Come Da Judge!: Part One”

January 2016: Prayer of Jabez

You do realize, don’t you, that among our thousands of readers—and visitors to our ministry web site—some will die this year—in 2016? Could YOU be one of them?  If Jesus is Immanuel—God fully present with you in the NOW of your life—then He will be just as fully present with you at the time you dieContinue reading “January 2016: Prayer of Jabez”

December 2015: Xmas?

Xmas? Is it “Christmas” or is it “Xmas”? Or do they both mean the same thing? Many would say it’s wrong to substitute Xmas for Christmas. Some say it makes no difference. How about you? Does the annual celebration we call Christmas make any difference in your life?  If Christmas doesn’t make a difference in yourContinue reading “December 2015: Xmas?”

November 2015: Anastasia, Part Two

Anastasia! [Note:  this is the conclusion of a two-part series begun last month.] For many, many years, I’ve taught again and again . . . and again (in person and in print) that we are in Jesus.  We are permanently fused and connected with Him in his death and burial.  Likewise, we became permanently in Him when He was raised fromContinue reading “November 2015: Anastasia, Part Two”

October 2015: Good Morning! Wake Up! Part One

Good Morning.  Wake Up! I love the way the word “Anastasia” sounds when it’s pronounced as the Germans or Russians pronounce it.  It has a mysterious, yet clear ring to it when pronounced the way they do.  There was a time when Anastasia was a popular name chosen for a newborn female baby, but it’s notContinue reading “October 2015: Good Morning! Wake Up! Part One”

September 2015: Happy Sixth Anniversary

In the first issue of The Traveler in September 2009, we wrote:  “Each of us is a traveler through the eons of time and beyond—into our final, eternal state of being!” Yes, we are all on a journey, a sojourn, a pilgrimage.  We are all wayfarers, wanderers, and “visitors” journeying through this life toward our True HomeContinue reading “September 2015: Happy Sixth Anniversary”

August 2015: Last Days!?

This is our FINAL issue (for now) about the Last Days or End-Times “If you say the world will go on getting better, you are considered mad.  If you say catastrophe is imminent, you may expect the Nobel Peace Prize,” says optimist Matt Ridley.     He’s right.  My own reading audience would grow larger if I predictedContinue reading “August 2015: Last Days!?”