March 2017: Final Issue/Good News, Part Two

Good News Continued from last month How does a person enter into a relationship with a loving God and begin living an abundant LIFE He promises us? That is why God sent Jesus to the earth, to live among us as a human, though He was also God’s Son—to tell us and show us howContinue reading “March 2017: Final Issue/Good News, Part Two”

February 2017: Good News, Part One

Good News Long ago, a believer in Jesus named Paul wrote these words:  “I’m not ashamed of the Good News of what God has done for everyone through Jesus.  In fact, that Good News contains within itself actual power to save everyone who believes it.” Paul also wrote:  “If you honestly proclaim out loud to others that JesusContinue reading “February 2017: Good News, Part One”

January 2017: A Tale of Horses

A Tale of Horses  God continues to do all that is necessary to bring YOU into absolute surrender to his will.  After all, haven’t you prayed in one way or another for his will to be done on earth—and in you—as it is in heaven—in the so-called Lord’s Prayer?   We live during an amazing eraContinue reading “January 2017: A Tale of Horses”

December 2016: The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story Note:  I wrote this Christmas story a few years ago when friends asked me to sort of “update” it and make it more readable.  I wrote it to be read serially a little at a time (perhaps a day at a time) for a few weeks leading up to Christmas. Read it asContinue reading “December 2016: The Christmas Story”

November 2016: Acres of Diamonds Part Two

Enough For Our Journeys Continued from last month Money—or the lack thereof—plays a very important role in the basic happiness and mental and emotional health of most people.  Like it or not, money often governs the way you think, feel, and live your life on a daily basis.  If you don’t have enough money, then moneyContinue reading “November 2016: Acres of Diamonds Part Two”

October 2016: Acres of Diamonds, Part One

 The year was 1870.  In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAmerica, Russell Conwell, pastor of Grace Baptist Church, presented a lecture he entitled “Acres of Diamonds.”   The lecture struck a responsive chord in the hearts of his audience, and in years to come he presented the same lecture over 6,000 more times in scores of different settings, rangingContinue reading “October 2016: Acres of Diamonds, Part One”

September 2016: Happy Seventh Anniversary

In the first issue of The Traveler in September 2009, I wrote:  “Each of us is a traveler through the eons of time and beyond—into our final, eternal state of being!” For a couple of reasons, each September’s issue of The Traveler is very similar to the September issues of  previous years.  First, because we are constantly adding new e-mailContinue reading “September 2016: Happy Seventh Anniversary”

August 2016: Major Paradigm Shift

Continued from last month Beginning around the early 1800’s until approximately World War II, the major evangelistic and missionary efforts to carry the Good News about Jesus to the rest of the world originated in institutional churches of the United States and Europe.  That is no longer true.  The bulk of global missions efforts now originatesContinue reading “August 2016: Major Paradigm Shift”

July 2016: Church: Not For Me

I wonder what readers might think if they were to read this teaching about Church in the early 22nd century, 100 years from now?   Will they feel my teaching was timely, appropriate, and accurate?  Or, might they feel I was a “false prophet” when I wrote it and none of the things I wrote about cameContinue reading “July 2016: Church: Not For Me”

June 2016: Shining Example

Shining Example This will be the last issue for our teaching about light which we began last April. I don’t want to stretch out this teaching about light—and maybe bore you.  Please read Romans 13: 12 – 14. Here we read that we who are believers in Jesus are to put on armor of light. You mightContinue reading “June 2016: Shining Example”