May 2010: Got LIFE?

 There’s some flawed and faulty thinking among many worldwide believers in Jesus.  About What? Here’s what.  As I visit with various Jesus-believers and pre-believers here and there in person, by correspondence, and by e-mail around the world, I find that many of them have only a vague, dim understanding of what eternal LIFE—Real LIFE—is allContinue reading “May 2010: Got LIFE?”

April 2010: Major Changes in Your Future

Continued from last month change:  to cause to become different; alter; transform; a radical transmutation of one’s character or core  nature.  Many extensive surveys and studies the past few years have disclosed that one of the greatest fears among both teenagers and adults is the fear of changes which might occur in their future.  In fact, the fear of possible futureContinue reading “April 2010: Major Changes in Your Future”

March 2010: Winds of Change!

Here’s a general statement:  Most—not all—adult humans tend to fear and resist change.  Oaky, okay, I know—you don’t fear change; you’re the exception.  I wrote most adult humans fear and resist change, not all of them. I’m not writing about generalized changes that take place during our mortal journeys in the external world around us—technologicalContinue reading “March 2010: Winds of Change!”

February 2010: Successful and Prosperous Journey

This is a simple reminder of why I write and furnish you The Traveler each month: You are a traveler on a very brief, hasty journey on your way to Jesus’ Kingdom when He returns…and beyond.  God wants you to have a successful and prosperous journey! The Bible is very clear:  we are  transient strangers…temporary residents…short-lived travelers…sojourners…pilgrims…wayfarers—all tooContinue reading “February 2010: Successful and Prosperous Journey”

January 2010: Happy New Year . . . Maybe

This isn’t People or Us magazine or the National Enquirer, but here’s my prediction for you for 2010: I predict that 2010 will be the most successful and prosperous, most meaningful, most fulfilling, and happiest year you will ever have if . . . you will read, study, meditate upon, and obey! everything you read in Joshua 1: 7 – 9; Job 23: 10Continue reading “January 2010: Happy New Year . . . Maybe”

December 2009: The Time Traveler

It was a clear, warm spring night. Shepherds were watching over their flocks on the Judean hillsides and meadows. Suddenly, the night skies lit up brighter than any fireworks display ever witnessed. An angel proclaimed to the startled shepherds . . . And you know the rest of the story!  If not, read about it in the 2nd chapter ofContinue reading “December 2009: The Time Traveler”

November 2009: Traveler’s LIFE Guidebook

At the beginning of this third issue of The Traveler, I want to elaborate on something I briefly mentioned in my first month’s e-mail introduction.  I wrote: “I don’t have any delusions of grandeur that what I teach and write is absolutely essential to your spiritual well-being.” To build on that thought, I write this month:   “It is not myContinue reading “November 2009: Traveler’s LIFE Guidebook”

October 2009: City of Mystery

Allegory:  n.  a story used for teaching, in which people, things, and happenings have a hidden or symbolic meaning. In a faraway land laden with abundant peace and joy and cloaked in wondrous mystery, a fair and lovely city nestles serenely and securely among the foothills of a nearby high and lofty mountain.  This cityContinue reading “October 2009: City of Mystery”

September 2009: The Journey Begins

INAUGURAL ISSUE Some of you don’t know this, but from April 1985 to December 1997, I previously published another monthly teaching publication entitled The Communicator, distributing it around the earth by “snail mail.”  That printed publication–in which I taught the Bible and related subjects–reached numerout people in almost every state of USAmerica and many other nations.  During thoseContinue reading “September 2009: The Journey Begins”