June 2013: Kingdom of God No.5

Enter Here

Jesus taught many truths about the Kingdom of God during the last three and a half years of his life while He was here on earth 2,000 years ago.  One important truth He taught about the Kingdom of God was that it was still to come in the future, yet, it was already here because He—the King—was here.

What is “Born Again”?

Another important matter He taught was that a person cannot enter the Kingdom of God (then, now, or in the future) unless a person is born2.  Have you been born again?  I didn’t ask if you are religious.  Or if you belong to a church.  Or, if you’ve been baptized.  Or confirmed.  Or read the Bible.  Or live a good life.  Or whether or not you’ve kept the ten commandments.   Those are not the correct questions to ask.  The correct questions are:  “Have you been born the second time?  Have you been born spiritually?   If you get those questions answered correctly, then many other questions you might have will often be answered automatically as a result of being born2.

Here’s what happens when you are born again:  Inside you at your core is your human spirit—not your soul, not your body.  It’s that inner component of you that “connects” with God.  It’s where two worlds intersect.  When you ask Jesus to come into your life, in an atomic moment He comes into your life in his “unbodied form” of Holy Spirit, causes your spirit to come alive, and you two instantly become one spirit permanently and forever:  you are born again.  

It is where the incomprehensively vast and “large” God self-reduces Himself to become indescribably small so He can “fit” inside your spirit.  Infinity merges with the finite you.   He who is beyond the universe is self-reduced to a pinpoint of intense light within you . . . and the King of all creation becomes King of your inner universe.  You become an  entirely new person,  beginning a brand-new life with  God through Jesus.  Jesus comes into your spirit and sits down on the inner throne of your life . . . where your “self” had previously been enthroned. 

Recently, one person described to me what happened when she was born2:  “Something that had been ‘dead’ inside me wakened.  Like the early morning shadows of consciousness that reveal faint images, I instantly began to have a new inner awareness—an inner knowing—of things I had not known before.”

I ask again:  Have you been born again?  If not, why not?  What’s keeping you from inviting Jesus into your life?

Tiny Seeds

 Another important truth Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God is that it began as tiny as a small mustard seed, but will keep growing until it someday fills the entire earth and universe.  Jesus said:  “God’s Kingdom is like a tiny mustard seed a farmer plants.  It is quite small as seeds go, but in the course of years it grows into a huge mustard plant, . . .”   Beginning last February, each month I have shared with you thoughts about King Jesus and his coming Kingdom.  The expansion of that Kingdom is virtually infinite and unlimited . . . but we humans are finite and limited.  So, what I have shared with you since February has been only the smallest “tip of the iceberg,” so to speak.   

It is humanly impossible to know all there is to know—and write all that could be written—about the ever-growing Kingdom of God.  I’ve written this before; I’ll write it again:  If you’ve ever prayed the so-called “Lord’s Prayer,” you have prayed for King Jesus to return to earth to establish his Kingdom.  In the meantime, ever since Jesus left here to return to Heaven 2,000 years ago, his Kingdom has been growing and expanding here on earth by means of Jesus’ Church—his living “Body”—of which you are automatically a member if you are a believer in Jesus and have been born2.

You may ask:  “Bill, is that really true?  Has the Kingdom of God really been growing here on earth for 2,000 years?”  Let me answer such questions by simply sharing with you some often overlooked facts.  Overlooked especially by such notable television personalities as John Hagee, Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, Perry Stone, and others who propagate “gloom and doom,” pessimistic views of humanity’s future.  We need to develop Bible-based, positive, Kingdomviews instead of such limited, negative worldviews.  Let’s look at some facts instead of some fanciful fiction concocted to evoke fear in the minds of people.

For example, in the then known world, by the end of the first century 1 in 35 people claimed to be believers in Jesus.  2,000 years later—NOW!—1 in 7 people on planet earth claim to be believers in Jesus!  That’s growth, that’s expansion, that’s God’s victorious Kingdom spreading across our planet through Jesus’ living Body, the Church.  Each time someone becomes a believer in Jesus and is born2, they become a new citizen of the Kingdom of God.  Some reliable researchers estimate that around the world 200,000+ people become new believers in Jesus each day!  

Jesus’ Kingdom is growing and expanding daily on planet earth.  There is no power in hell, on earth, or in heaven that can hold back the relentless, inexorable growth of Jesus’ Kingdom.  Are YOU part of Jesus’ victorious, growing Church . . . or are you a victim of fear and despair—hopeless about the future?  It really boils down to who and what you choose to believe—about Jesus, about God, about a victorious future full of hope and joy.  YOU can choose to be either a victim or a victor. 

I seldom recommend books in The Traveler, but to catch a brief glimpse of a victorious future, I recommend a small paperpack book entitled Victorious Eschatology by Harold E Eberle and Martin Trench.  The best place to purchase a copy is on amazon.com.

Inauguration of the King

In previous issues of The Traveler, I mentioned the Kingdom of God has “touched down” on our planet at various times throughout history, culminating at the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus—and then his return to heaven.  When Jesus returned to heaven and “sat down” on the right side of Father God’s throne, that’s when the Kingdom of God was finally and fully inaugurated.  

Here’s an example of what I mean.  The Queen of England had all sorts of elaborate ceremonies on the day of her inauguration and coronation, but when she finally sat down on her throne that day, at that instant she legally became Queen.  Yes, when she sat down on her throne, at that exact moment in time, that’s when she officially became the Queen of England.  That’s what happened when Jesus sat down at the right side of God’s throne:  at that exact moment, He was crowned King of the Kingdom of God.  And He’s been reigning as High King of God’s Kingdom ever since that time 2,000 years ago.

Jesus’ First Official Act As King

 His first official act as King was to send Holy Spirit to live permanently within his expectant followers so He could empower them to begin to proclaim to the world Jesus’ full and finished salvation and God’s coming Kingdom by means of growing and spreading the Church, Jesus living Body on earth.  The Church was commissioned to do all that Jesus began to do and teach . . . and more.  And the Church has been doing that very successfully since that day 2,000 years ago when Jesus began to pour out his Holy Spirit upon all humankind.    

Where the Church goes, the Kingdom of God is established in the earth.  That very first day when Holy Spirit was poured out on Jesus’ waiting followers, God added 3,000 born again people to the Church . . . and He’s been adding people every day since—for more than 2,000 years!  Of course, when I write “Church” and “Body of Jesus” I’m writing about all believers in Jesus around the world . . . not about churches and denominations.  The Church is a living organism, not an organization!

The great modern “theologian,” Willie Nelson, knows about the Kingdom of God.  One of his most famous songs goes something like this:  “Oh, they tell me of a King in his beauty there.  And they tell me that my eyes shall behold where He sits on his throne that is whiter than snow . . . in that lovely land of unclouded day!”

     “God raised Jesus from death and set Him on the throne in deep heaven, in charge of running the universe, everything from galaxies to governments, no name and no power exempt from his rule.  And not just for the time being, but for all the ages of time and in the eternal state.  He’s in charge of it all, has the final word about everything.  At the center of this all, Jesus rules the church.  The church, you see, is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the church.  The church is Jesus’ body, in which He speaks and acts, by which He fills everything with his presence.” –Ephesians 1: 20-23, modified

 This concludes our present series about the Kingdom of God.  

To Think About This Month   

      “Don’t become too impressed with yourself.  One wrapped up in oneself makes a very small bundle.  When scientists finally discover the center of the universe, you may be very disappointed you are not it!”    

Important Announcement!

In the first decade of the 20th century—100 years ago—God began a great, worldwide “outpouring” of Holy Spirit.  Such an outpouring had not been experienced since the early years of the Church 2,000 years ago.    That outpouring of God’s Spirit at the beginning of the 20th century came to be known as “The Pentecostal Outpouring,” giving birth to all the modern-day Pentecostal churches.  100 years later, those churches are the fastest growing segment of the Church around the world.  

Approximately 50 years later—near the middle of the 20th century, there was another great worldwide outpouring of Holy Spirit.  This came to be known as “The Charismatic Renewal,” affecting many hundreds of thousands of people in mainline denominational churches.  Now—approximately another 50 years later—many observers and writers are beginning to report that another great outpouring of Holy Spirit is starting to occur—beginning largely in Third World nations and then spreading quickly to “First World” nations such as USAmerica.

Because this present outpouring is just starting to happen, many people are not aware of it yet.  But if you read various reports very carefully, you’ll see it’s beginning to happen.  In a sense, just a few drops of “Holy Spirit rain” have begun to fall so far, but—Look Out!—a great flooding deluge is on the horizon.  It will be an outpouring of Holy Spirit greater than the world has ever seen.   

It will be accompanied by great signs, wonders and miracles:  “God-caused events beyond human logic and reason, defying comprehension, expectation, and experience, for the purpose of God drawing people to Himself through Jesus!”  I’m not a prophet, but I “predict” that the largest segment of the population affected by this present outpouring will be in the former Communist countries and among millions of the world’s Muslims. 

Friends Forever

Okay, I’ve told you all that to remind you that my latest book, published only a few months ago is about Holy Spirit.  It’s a non-theological book about Holy Spirit entitled Friends Forever.  I have already begun to receive reports about how the book is sparking a renewed interest in Holy Spirit among a number of people around our nation and around the world.  

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that God had me write and publish Friends Forever at this particular time in history.  All proceeds from the sale of my books are placed in the general fund of our ministry; I do not receive any income from my books.  You can order it from www.amazon.com.  God can use Friends Forever to help transform your own life!

Bill Boylan
Life Enrichment Services, Inc.
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