February 2011: Faith #1

Traveler: n.  a person who journeys from one place to another.  “Each of us is a traveler through this life, then through the eons of time and beyond—into our final, eternal state of being.  We’re all pilgrims on a journey through this life…to the next life…and beyond.  Yes, we’re all journeying through this life from conception to death,Continue reading “February 2011: Faith #1”

January 2011: Living Toward Death; Prayer of Jabez

You do realize, don’t you, that among our thousands of regular readers–and visitors to this website–some will die this year, in 2011? Could YOU be one of them? The question is not “Are you prepared to die?” The question is “Are you prepared to live–really live–during your journey?” If Jesus is Immanuel–God full present withContinue reading “January 2011: Living Toward Death; Prayer of Jabez”

December 2010: Merry Christmas

I know! I know! To be “politically correct” here in USAmerica, we’re not supposed to greet people with “Merry Christmas” these days. The word “Christ” seems to offend a lot of people. But…I’m saying it anyhow: “Merry Christmas!” So there… Let the political correctness police come and arrest me! Slowly but surely Christmas is beingContinue reading “December 2010: Merry Christmas”

November 2010: Kinda Homesick

           home-sick:  (adjective)  unhappy or sad at being away from home and family; yearning for home. It’s very normal for us humans to be homesick from time to time during our mortal life-journey here on planet earth.  Maybe you’ve been homesick for the farm you grew up on.  Or for the treeContinue reading “November 2010: Kinda Homesick”

October 2010: Letter From Peter

To anyone who will listen to me or read what I write, I am always telling them about God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), God the Spirit, and the Bible—God’s complete written revelation of Himself to humankind.  I attempt to communicate to people how extremely “practical” God and the Bible are for our daily living. Continue reading “October 2010: Letter From Peter”

September 2010: Anniversary Issue

Very Ordinary!  Each September’s issue will be devoted to recapping the previous 12 months of The Traveler and personal events in our lives.  The Traveler is usually only three pages in length; this month, it will be four pages.  We began publishing The Traveler one year ago in September 2009.  At first, we planned to provide it by e-mail to only aContinue reading “September 2010: Anniversary Issue”

August 2010: My Life Story #2

New Baby Born! Part of my life story continued from last month’s issue… That day in the shower—April 26th of my 18th year—I didn’t understand anything about what had happened inside me; I just knew something had happened.  A tectonic and cosmic shift had occurred deep inside me that would unalterably change my life  for allContinue reading “August 2010: My Life Story #2”

July 2010: My Life Story #1

Local Juvenile Delinquent Run Out Of Town! Rapid City — September 8 —  Local juvenile delinquent, Bill Boylan,  left town early this morning enroute to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS).  Rapid City police officers were present to ensure Boylan left town without incident. Those words could have been the actual headline and first paragraphContinue reading “July 2010: My Life Story #1”

June 2010: Time to Get Ready

Continued from last month  We are studying the concepts of time and eternity.  They are two completely separate phenomena. They are mutually exclusive of one another in an absolute sense. Eternity IS a state of absolute timelessness, NOT a state of unending time. There are NO endless ages of time in eternity.  Also, Eternity IS aContinue reading “June 2010: Time to Get Ready”

May 2010: Got LIFE?

 There’s some flawed and faulty thinking among many worldwide believers in Jesus.  About What? Here’s what.  As I visit with various Jesus-believers and pre-believers here and there in person, by correspondence, and by e-mail around the world, I find that many of them have only a vague, dim understanding of what eternal LIFE—Real LIFE—is allContinue reading “May 2010: Got LIFE?”