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Welcome to The Traveler, a free, monthly e-zine read by thousands of people around the world on 6 of the 7 continents.  Each of us is on a journey through this life on the way to the next.  The Traveler is written to encourage you on your journey each month and to enrich and enhance your life.

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For years, we have counseled many hundreds of people using a Bible-based method of counseling known as "God's Light." It is an extremely effective method of counseling God uses to set people free from addiction, from obsessions, and from depression. We believe Jesus Himself is good news to people who know only bad news, that He pardons prisoners from inner bondage, that He restores inner sight to those who are spiritually blind, that He sets free those who are burdened and battered by life. For more information on counseling go to our ministries page.


banner 1God has summoned and equipped many teachers of the Bible and related subjects through 2,000 years of Christian history. Each teacher passes on to his or her students their present level of understanding and current state of awareness. Our teachings are solidly based on the Bible, but because we attempt to teach "present truth," some of our teachings are controversial—outside any religious "box." We hope our teachings simply lead you deeper in your relationship with God through Jesus.

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